Dick's Docks and Lifts, Inc.





FLOE Docks & Lifts

FLOE has a complete line of vertical boat and pontoon lifts with extra deep canopies ranging in capacities from 2000 lbs to 10,000 lbs.  FLOE boat lifts work in the greatest range of water depths and offer the most protection for your watercraft.

Pivot Lifts for Boats

A trouble-free, economical solution for small boats. FLOE pivot lifts are offered in capacities up to 1600 lbs

Pivot Lifts for PWC

A trouble-free, economical solution for personal watercraft (PWC). FLOE pivot lifts are offered in capacities up to 1600 lbs.


Bulmann Dock and Lift

With heavy duty aluminum construction combined with many boat friendly accessories we can provide a boat lift to accommodate a simple row-boat or a luxurious yacht. We offer multiple guide options such as our most popular Ultimate Guides for both standard V-hulls and Pontoons. In addition to multiple guide options we offer standard deep canopies and our exclusive high rise canopies that provide maximum coverage for high profile boats without the “box style” design. We’ve developed a system that’s designed to fit your boat like a glove…and protect it like one, too!


Max Lifts

MAX Boat Lifts are designed to provide superior protection for any watercraft. When left docked in the water, there is potential for wind damage, algae build up, corrosive electrolysis, barnacles, and zebra mussels, all of which can have devastating effects on performance, aesthetics, and value. MAX Lifts are designed to make it easy to lift your watercraft from the water, protecting your investment, increasing resale value, and cutting maintenance costs.

MAX designed the MAX VL Pro lifts with quality materials and value added features that have come to be expected from MAX. These include heavy duty frame and tower extrusions, precision CNC machined components, greaseable pulleys, stainless steel leveling cables, V-Frames for easy watercraft access, and an industry leading 122” Tower clearance for today’s wider vessels.

MAX offers a complete line of options to outfit the lift for any type of watercraft. Several bunk options, guide-ons, catwalks, motor stops, electric drive motors, solar power, and the MAX Stordry Canopy system provide the ultimate watercraft protection.